Grow your business, strengthen your brand, protect your reputation and make change by figuring out what to say and how to say it.

Simplicity Communications and Consulting equips individuals, non-profits and businesses with tools to be more agile and effective communicators by focusing on message development, communications training (including media and presentation coaching), writing/editing and building strategy (including crisis preparedness)…all while promoting humanness, relevance, openness, empowerment and, of course, simplicity.

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Simplicity. Relevance. Humanness.

Fancy words are overrated. Canned statements are meaningless.

Appealing to today’s highly transparent and extremely critical world with a short attention span demands genuineness and articulateness. Simplicity helps you develop and deliver messages that mean something to people you need to care. When you simply, clearly and influentially communicate, you strengthen relationships with people and organizations important to you. They take action on your behalf and you earn trust of those who can build your brand and strengthen your personal or organizational reputation.

Throw complexity out the window. Simplicity – in words and in process – is effective and efficient. Simplicity doesn’t just work, simplicity talks.

Simply stated. Simply prepared. Simply done.

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Message Development:
These collaborative working sessions help you create simple, unique, powerful and relevant messages – about you, your organization, a service, a topic or even a crisis – that answer spoken and unspoken questions, leave little room for misinterpretation, and, most importantly, generate excitement and compassion from audiences you need to reach.

Communications Training:
What good is a message if you can’t deliver it? In one-on-one, small- or large-group training sessions, you’ll develop skills to help you succinctly, smoothly and persuasively convey effective messages (be they in casual conversations, news media interviews or speeches).

Writing and Editing:
So you’ve figured out what to say, but you don’t have time or energy to make it come to life in writing? This is where extra arms and legs come in handy. Whether it’s writing original content or editing your projects, we’ll make sure your message is getting across in a way that is easy for your audience to understand…on a web site, in a letter, in a book…anywhere.

Strategy Building:
You’re capable, but you’re strapped for time. Or you simply need fresh and broader perspective. These collaborative working sessions result in a communications strategy roadmap that empowers you to get to done without thousands of dollars in fees.

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About the Founder

Dawn Bryant, Founder and Chief Communicator, Simplicity CommunicationsIn short, Dawn Bryant is a fanatical communicator who loves helping others be great.

After more than 11 years in corporate America, she leaped out of her comfort zone and launched Simplicity Communications and Consulting in 2009. Dawn believes too many people and organizations either over-think communications, or gloss over it. She’s seen great communicators and great communications strategies strengthen organizations and individuals; she’s also watched bad communicators and ill-developed strategies unintentionally damage reputations.

Helping others be genuine and effective communicators is a healthy obsession for Dawn. She coaches clients by asking hard questions, understanding audiences, learning different perspectives and building relationships that strengthen business, non-profit and personal brands. She is a thoughtful and accomplished strategist known for insightful counsel, critical thinking and bringing a human face and voice to organizations in good times, and in seasons of crisis. She believes credibility and authority come from humanness, openness and simple communications, and that those things only mean something if you stay true to who you are as an individual and as an organization.

Her 13 years of experience includes expansive work in public relations for large technology and entertainment retailers (Best Buy Co., Inc. and The Musicland Group), and unique projects for individuals, small businesses, start-ups, non-profits and churches.

Hundreds of individuals at all levels of organizations (CEO to individual contributor) have experienced her training and counsel. Those people have gone on to give powerful speeches, effective presentations and successful news media interviews (including The Wall Street Journal, Time, BusinessWeek, Fast Company, Seventeen, ABC World News Tonight, NBC Nightly News, 60 Minutes and NPR). She’s also prepared dozens of crisis plans, and successfully managed uncountable, potentially damaging issues (including one recognized by the FBI as exceptional work).

Dawn is a wife, a mom to a darling Jack Russell Terrier, a pastor, a church planter, a volunteer, a foodie, a news junkie and an all-around communication-crazed lover of friends, family and God.

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